Spectrum Digital Labels is a newly-formed company established in response to an increasing demand for digital labels in a wide variety of market sectors.

Spectrum is owned by John Parker, managing director, and Ian Tregay, sales director, both of whom have spent the previous three decades in the industry gaining significant experience with numerous print technologies including litho, letterpress, flexo and digital. During their careers, both have developed significant industry knowledge, including forging a strong working relationship with Dantex which has helped broker their investment for the PicoJet® 330 UV inkjet digital press.

“We have a long history of association with Dantex, way before the company launched its successful digital division. It’s great to do business with Dantex, which has always had an awesome reputation for service and attention to customers’ needs.” John Parker, Managing Director – Spectrum Digital Labels


A digital press that can provide short to long runs, ultra-high speed with excellent high resolution quality and productivity. The ability to print any substrates, including uncoated materials with quick changeover speeds. A 5-colour system, to include white, that can run from hundreds to 1 million labels comfortably.

A modular platform offering a wide range of finishing options to help improve profitability on every level and to hold the company in good stead for the foreseeable future.


The PicoJet 330 can run at up to 75m/min (250ft/min) and is capable of producing more than nine million linear metres of printed labels per year. As a five-colour printing system, it offers a 2.5pL droplet size and an effective resolution of 1200 x 1200dpi. It also has a highly sophisticated transport system that controls the print run without displacement, whilst maintaining extremely stable reel-to-reel transfer conditions. Profiling can be set up in minutes with simple adjustments to parameters when switching between standard substrates such as coated paper, PP, PE, silver/metallic materials. In addition, PicoJet’s operator friendly PicoPilot software makes it easy to prepare, print and switch from production to production.

A recirculating ink system, web cleaner, specially designed ink delivery system, temperature-controlled backup roller, corona unit and anti-static bar are included with the PicoJet platform. Optional features include SuperWhite® (opacity between 86% and 92% in a single pass), variable data, additional mark sensors, chilled roller, full rotary die-cut station and matrix removal, lamination, backslitter and slitter.

Spectrum’s PicoJet 330 model included SuperWhite®, variable data, slitter and edge trimmer.


Spectrum Digital Labels has benefitted from their investment in a number of key areas:
  • High resolution print quality
  • Excellent results on any substrate with no pre treatment
  • Fast changeover speeds between substrates
  • Ultra-high speed with production of 75m per minute (250ft/min)
  • 5-colour printing system including SuperWhite®
  • SuperWhite® has the highest opacity on the market (86-92%)
  • 93% of the Pantone colours within a Delta e value of 3
  • Simple and easy profiling
  • Stable Reel-to-Reel transfer condition
  • Superior laydown of colour maintaining constant accuracy
  • Operator friendly PicoPilot software
  • Textbook installation from start to finish
  • Excellent service support & training
  • Fantastic print head performance with quick & easy maintenance
  • 100% confidence in the press


“This press needed to perform and it really does – I can print a reel with 16 different jobs or long runs and everything in between. Compared to previous presses I’ve experienced this is another level – I can run from one job to another and one material to another without missing a beat.”

 “The Dantex Digital team is brilliant – they all know exactly their roles in the installation process and their training is second to none. The whole process was textbook from start to finish and I’m absolutely bowled over by the whole experience.”

“If I had to start a new business tomorrow and was told I could only have one press, then I would definitely choose a PicoJet.”

John Parker, Managing Director – Spectrum Digital Labels