Automatic Letterpress Processing Systems

  • 1000M - Max. plate: 900mm x 1200mm/35.43” x 47.24”
  • 600M - Max. plate: 580mm x 1200mm/22.83” x 47.24”

Not Just another processor

  • Ultra-high Speed Washout.
  • True solvent-free system.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Up to 80% less water.
  • Up to 75% less energy.
  • Automatic brush head lifting system.
  • Optional LED exposure system.
  • Soft and gentle wash to maintain quality.
  • Integrated Black Mask Removal System.
  • New innovative brush system.
  • Dantex Easy Access System.
  • Automatic essential maintenance.
  • Online connectivity direct to Dantex.

Why choose Marathon?

Marathon processing range has been specifically developed to work with the New Marathon Plate Technology whilst still allowing standard Torelief steel back plates to be processed. Marathon processing offers new sustainable standards to the industry. Dantex’s new innovative technologies enhance efficiency, quality and the highest speed processing on the market. Our new technology is ready to meet the growing demands of the metal decor business. Marathon plate offers outstanding print quality as well as an extremely fine halftone resolution of 1% to 95% at 200 lpi.


Marathon Plate Range

Marathon Plate Range is compatible with the latest imaging technology, including inline Esko systems. This plate range also boasts low polymer fatigue properties, superior contrast between image and non-image area, together with a very long run capability. The plate’s unique polymer achieves a flat-top dot during plate making without any additional special process. This robust polymer gives high resistance to friction and offers long print runs with consistent, high-quality results, even at high speeds. It gives extremely stable on-press performance, without swelling, and has excellent ink transfer properties.

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