Star Plate

Chemistry-free HD films from inkjet devices

  • Direct Imagesetter replacement
  • Chemistry-free
  • Imagesetter quality, high-density positives, and negatives (D.Max 4.0 - 5.5)
  • High-quality halftone screening up to 200lpi
  • Dot patterns, screening, text and fine lines, right down to 1pt type.
  • Linear & Dot gain calibration
  • User-friendly interface allows generation of multiple calibration curves
  • Press dot gain function
  • Perfect for Flexo, Letterpress and die platemaking or for Silk Screen exposure
  • Uses high gauge nano-porous film specifically developed for easy handling and storage

Why use Star Plate?

Star Plate is a digital imaging solution designed for direct inkjet imaging to film with the ability to produce high-quality screening. Star Plate uses the actual dots of the original RIPped 1-bit data, preserving dot patterns, screening, and dot gain calibration.

Star Plate’s Actual Dot technology provides powerful imaging controls on inkjet printers to produce an extremely high-quality dot formation. The software is proven to produce fine solid linework and hard dots up to 175 lines per inch.

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