Letterpress Waterwash Plate

  • Analogue & Digital formats
  • High resolution
  • Sharp and accurate print results
  • Fast, clean processing
  • Range of processing equipment available
  • Efficient press performance and long life
  • Up to 150lpi (Analogue)
  • Up to 200lpi (Digital)

Why Choose Torelief?

Torelief plate material enjoys a number of unique features that enable it to perform on press in an extremely superior way. This is reflected in the global success of this market leading product and repeatedly satisfied customers.

Unique chemical formulation
Unlike other plates on the market, Torelief is manufactured using Polyester based technology. The inherent nature of this unique polyester chemical formulation enables a number of key features.  These Unique features include:

Torelief plates enjoy unparalleled resolution capabilities easily achieving 200lpi and are capable of holding up to 60 micro mm isolated dot.  Torelief plates also have the most secure and uniform dot rosette. As most printers demand 4, 6, 10 or more colours, these rosettes must have uniformity to give the desired result.  Torelief is especially good in providing this, repeatedly and reliably. Superb quality printing –time and time again.

Ink Release
Torelief has an extremely effective lay-down property; the ink “bubble” on the surface of Torelief plates splits most efficiently to give the required ink density on the print substrate.  Optimum ink density is achieved extremely effectively and efficiently without ink reticulation. This economical 50/50 ink split ensures the press consumes less ink in the process. Torelief plates give a more efficient press performance and economy can therefore be realised through ink savings.

Fast Washout
Thanks to its unique chemical make up Torelief offers an extraordinarily fast washout along with excellent reproduction of all fine details.  Printers are able to save money by eliminating duplicate plates and increasing plate making efficiency.

Press durability
Torelief plates enjoy excellent press life thanks to their unique durability.  Presses can run longer before a plate change is needed, economising on plate usage.

Matte Surface
Another of Torelief’s most valued properties is that of quick contact with the negative film.   The unique matte surface ensures excellent contact with the negative film allowing fast draw down during vacuum, eliminating light refraction.

Uniform Rosettes
Torelief plates have the most secure and uniform dot rosette; this is especially valuable when printing more than 2 colours.  As most of our customers demand 4, 6,10 or more colours our rosettes must have uniformity to give the desired result. Torelief is especially good in providing this, repeatedly and reliably.

Long Run (DLR) – Excellent press durability
Torelief plates are more efficient on press by virtue of their superior long-run capabilities.  Moreover, our Torelief DLR type has been specifically developed for just this purpose; you can now enjoy the benefits of a superb High Resolution plate with excellent performance on press and an extra long press life.  

Torelief – Colour Change
The advantages afforded by Torelief’s colour change after exposure cannot be understated.  This colour contrast allows easier verification and control of the image prior to printing.

Thanks to these UNIQUE properties of Torelief, our customers can enjoy excellent print results, repeatability, ease of use and cost savings in the press room.

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