Rotunda - Plate Cleaner

For cleaning metallic photopolymer plates

  • R60 - 580mm/22.83" (Drum Length) / 1100mm/43.31" (Drum Circ.)
  • R90 - 900mm/35.43" (Drum Length) / 1100mm/43.31" (Drum Circ.)
  • Magnetic wash & dry rotary system
  • Fully-automatic
  • Solvent and brush action
  • Magnetic Drum accepts multiple plates at one time
  • Releases bar for easy plate removal
  • Computer controlled speed and water temperature
  • User-friendly touchscreen programming interface
  • Stores preferred cleaning cycle parameters
  • Automatic water replenishment

Why Choose Rotunda Plate Cleaner?

The Dantex Rotunda Plate Cleaner has been designed specifically for the cleaning of all types of steel-back plates. It is a high-speed, fully-automated wash and dry system. Its rotary magnetic cylinder can accommodate multiple plates at each wash cycle. The unit is built to ensure long and trouble-free operation and is robustly constructed.

Effective cleaning requires suitable brushing, using the correct brush type and the correct amount of pressure, along with a compatible wash solution to loosen and remove ink deposits. Plate cleaning and maintenance is a key factor in extending the life of your plates; prolonging optimal print quality and reducing costs.

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