Water Wash
Flexographic Plate


Benefit from the most advanced water wash flexo plate introduced by the Dantex Group.

Enjoy faster, sharper and more durable print results. AQUAFLEX, the high quality performance analogue and digital alternative to solvent and thermal flexographic plate production, that delivers the highest possible print quality and productivity.

  • Highest quality
  • Cost effective processing
  • Faster and cleaner processing
  • Processing time is 30 minutes
  • Using Aquawash surfactant
  • Naturally forms a FLAT TOP DOT for better ink transfer and print quality
  • Environmently friendly processing
  • HD Flexo certified
  • Esko specialized + certified
  • Dantex Group have trained personal to support you to achieve the highest possible print quality and to give you the best After-Sales Service

Aquaflex features for your benefit

  • Perfect highlights
  • Gradiations from 1% to 99% at 175lpi
  • Maximum screen 200lpi
  • Due to low bump needed all details in highlights are visible in print
  • Improved contrast and tonal range
  • Excellent ink transfer for high density with fine anilox rollers
  • Stability of the flat top dot profile creates a more durable image surface for more consistent printing and smoother edges
  • Tough and abraision resistant polymer for long runs

Integrated flat tops dots

Due to the special polymer composition, the Aquaflex plate naturally forms flat top dots for better highlights and the best achievable print quality. 1% flat top dots can be achieved without using complex systems such as oxygen elimination.


Base: Polyester

Wash-out: Water – brush action

Cover film: Matt

Fine line: 40 micron

Colour: Pink

Types and Thickness (in mm):
OPM 1.14 – 1.70 – 2.54 – 2.84
OPH 1.70
DOPM 1.14 – 1.70 – 2.54 – 2.84
DOPH 1.14 -1.70
NVO 1.14 (varnishing plate)
DPAH 1.14 – 1.70 (for flexible packaging)


Perfect Match
Aquaflex + Aqua

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