Flexographic Waterwash Plate

  • High quality, cost-effective processing
  • For use with UV Flexo, alcohol/ester & Co-solvent inks
  • Analogue & Digital formats
  • Fastest UV Flexo processing on the market
  • Fine resolution
  • Fast, clean processing
  • Long run capability
  • Up to 150lpi (Analogue)
  • Up to 175lpi (Digital)

Why Choose Aquaflex?

Aquaflex not only offers many great production advantages but could also form the foundations for a cleaner and more efficient working environment.

Print Quality
Aquaflex Optima gives superior colour strength and ink lay-down leading to greater vibrancy and its 1% minimum dot can print as low as 3% to 5%. Optima has superior ink release characteristics and requires very little cleaning during printing and removal. Solvent plates tend to lift from the mounting tape, hence printers edge-seal and use primers, also because of poor elasticity the plates can have fit issues. Aquaflex stays on the tape with no edge lifting and both fit & register are greatly improved.

Advanced Technology
Aquaflex plate material is created from a unique formula of NBR rubber and graft polymerised, plasticised, bi-functional monomers. Advanced technology means incredibly fast plate washout, excellent resolution, long press life and greater re-usability. It is compatible with all ink types including UV, Water and Solvent. It is available in a digital format with unique super matt black patented black mask carbon layer.

Environmental Considerations
Consider the immediate and long-term impact on the environment the elimination of solvents and the introduction of high-speed processing will have; a high quality, cleaner and greener solution for the Flexographic Printing Industry.

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