Combination Processor AQF 2530

For use with Aquaflex and Rapidoflex Plates

Our AQF processing range ensures our plates enjoy the fastest wash times in the world today with superb quality results, developed to fully comply with the latest environmental legislation.

AQF 2530 Closed

Why use AQF 2530?

Benefit from the compact processing system for water wash flexo plates by the Dantex Group. Exposure unit, washer and dryer in combination. Filtration system included. The perfect processor for small and medium amounts of plates, that delivers high print quality.

  • Simultaneous processing system of the whole plate surface
  • Pre and main exposure with vacuum pump and gauge
  • Fastening section on a table with permanent sticky plate
  • Washout with an orbital and alternating movement
  • Independent movement of the table
  • Indicator LEDs informing about the state of lamps
  • Dryer separated by a special material which allows the lamp temperature maintenance at 45 degrees
  • 9 channel touch screen controller: pre-exp. time, main expo-sure time, washout time, post- exp. time, finishing, dryer time
  • Water and dryer section temperature control
  • Detergent doser pump
  • Filtration system included
AQF 2530 Open

Technical Specifications

AQF 2530

Plate format (mm) 635 x 762
Plate format (inches) 25” x 30”
Quantity developer in tank (l) 110
UVA exposure lamps N.13 60W 10R L.900
UVA post-exposure lamps N.12 60W 10R L.900
UVC lamps N.11 30W L. 900
Max. thickness processable (mm) 2,84
Wattage (kW) 16
Electrical supply 230V 3PH+GND 60Hz, 400V 3PH+N+GND 50Hz
Overall size (LxWxH) (cm) ca. 210 x 120 x 110
Weight (kg) 430

*Subject to technical changes

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