Rapidoflex M3 Plate SystemForget Filtersour revolutionary waste water systemneeds no filtration

Rapidoflex M3 UV Flexo Plate VOC Free Environmental Friendly Plates

Processing waste water needs no filtration and cam be sent direct to drain. RF-M3 processing offers sustainably clean and consistent plate making in a high-volume production environment, without the worry of waste material contaminating the surface of the plate. The plate is processed at 25°-27° C in clear water without any additives, making this a true solvent-free and environmentally-friendly plate.

Superfast Make-Ready Time, Just 15 Minutes

Dantex has recognised market demand for short print runs. Rapidoflex M3 Plate has been developed to meet this demand together with a new high-speed processor, which is capable of offering fast inline/offline plate making.

Innovative Plate Technology


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