UV Flexo Waterwash Plate

  • Efficient press performance and long life
  • Very fast plate making time - fastest UV flexo plate processing on the market
  • Excellent archival properties
  • Low energy costs
  • Up to 150lpi (Analogue)
  • Up to 200lpi (Digital)

Why Choose Rapidoflex?

UV Flexo Water Wash Plate for UV Ink Systems
Rapidoflex is the world’s highest quality UV Flexo plate for use in the narrow web label printing market.  Rapidoflex is easy to use and fast and clean to process using existing inline plate making systems.

High-Speed UV Flexo Plate System from Dantex
The Rapidoflex LAM plate offers superb quality, fast; just eighteen minutes for an A2 plate makes RapidoFlex the fastest UV Flexo plate on the planet.  It has a screen range of 1-95% at 200dpi, plus environmentally friendly, cost-effective processing and is available in both analogue and digital formats.

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